Download your Etsy shop's search analytics and optimize your listings.

Tagtrail is an Etsy search analytics tool that helps you download your Etsy shop's keyword data so you can optimize your listings to get the more sales. Watch the demo below.
How It Works

Install. Download. Optimize.

Install the chrome extension

Sign up for Tagtrail and install the Chrome extension.

Download your search data

Open the chrome extension and start downloading.

Optimize your Etsy listings

Use the dashboard or CSV to optimize your listings.


Simple price. Hours of time saved.

Pay monthly and get full access to everything. Cancel at any time. 100% no questions asked refunds if you're not satisfied.

Subscription includes:

- Chrome extension and web app access
- Unlimited scraping of search analytics data
- Download all search analytics columns
- CSV export
- Listing optimization based on data

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$29 / month


Our customers make more sales. Period.

Essential if you're a full time seller with over 1000+ listings. My team optimizes our listings constantly and this tool alone makes us $10K+ more per month.

Meagan M.

110,000+ sales

Essential if you're a full time seller with over 1000+ listings. Was copy pasting to get this data before. Now it just automatically does this and I don't have to pay someone to do this for me.

Cody M.

20,000+ Sales

Built Remote 📡 by Cody Schneider
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